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Developing Next Generation Technologies

Hydraulic Fracturing ▸

State of the Art Equipment Design & Manufacturing

Liberty was an early driver in the industry’s shift from diesel to natural gas technologies a decade ago. We continually remain at the forefront of hydraulic frac technology innovation as we transition our fleet towards our electric and natural gas-fueled digiTechnologies, lowering fuel costs and emissions.

Integrated Engineering for Better Production

With access to a 60,000+ well database in our proprietary FracTrends viewer, our engineers work in real-time to optimize frac design.

Wireline ▸

Industry Leading Efficiency Built to Pair Seamlessly with Liberty Frac

Perforating for new completions and refracs, Liberty wireline systems are 100% greaseless and modular for flexibility.

Real-time data Syncing for Informed Decision Making

Liberty Wireline services come equipped with proprietary business systems to enhance operations. Information is stored in the cloud, supporting real-time connectivity with other business systems. The customer experience includes real-time data streaming, prompt incident investigation, and detailed post-job summaries.

Sand Sourcing & Delivery ▸

Latest Technology Advancements Supported by Local Mines

Liberty is a leader in innovating proppant delivery technologies with both containerized sand and new wet sand solutions.

Streamlined Proppant Logistics

Liberty’s proprietary next-generation proppant logistics platform, Sentinel, uses real-time data from each frac location to accurately forecast on-site proppant volumes and tackle logistics concerns before they happen.

Best in Class ▸

Rated Best Value by Kimberlite Survey

Demanding tasks require innovative solutions. With Liberty’s client-driven input, highly experienced staff, and proprietary technology and databases, we provide the right perspective and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

In the eyes of our customers, Liberty’s value is consistently viewed as superior to our competitors as shown in the graph provided by Kimberlite.

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