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Flexible & Scalable Purpose-Built Frac Solutions

Elevating Engine Technology

Lower Emission Dual Fuel

Recip-driven dynamic gas blend pumps with stage flexibility.

digiFrac Electric Frac Pump

Power agnostic electric frac system compatible with grid power and/or natural gas.

digiPrime Hybrid Frac Pump

The highest thermal efficiency pump in the market, capable of electrifying the site.

The Liberty Difference ▸

Safety & Service Quality

Liberty is committed to maintaining a high standard of safety and service quality, ensuring the well-being of our employees, customers, and contractors. This emphasis on safety enables us to deliver high-quality service that thrives on our long-term partnerships. Existing relationships with our customers, suppliers, and communities empower Liberty to continue to drive efficiency improvements, ultimately lowering the cost of producing a barrel of oil equivalent.

How Liberty Does Frac

Liberty’s frac design process includes reviewing past frac experience compared with well production to determine critical design issues, problem areas, and additional data requirements. This allows us to improve perforation cluster efficiency and develop frac sequencing that maximizes surface area and minimizes screen-out potential.

Our real-time WellWatch measurements keep a close eye on possible frac hits to help minimize production interference.

50% of Liberty Total Horsepower is Low-Emission

30M Gallons of Diesel Replaced

Advanced Noise Mitigation Technology

digiTechnologies ▸

Next-Generation Electric & Natural Gas Fueled Frac Fleets

The Liberty suite of digiTechnologies encompasses our digiFrac, digiPrime, and digiWire units, creating a modular system built to ensure the ideal combination of components on location to meet each job’s unique requirements.

Powering Our Fleets

The oilfield is undergoing a generational technology shift in fuel use from diesel to clean-burning natural gas, with Liberty at the forefront of this change. Liberty Power Innovations (LPI) bolsters Liberty’s technology transition by vertically integrating fueling and power services with compressed natural gas (CNG) supply, and well-site fueling and logistics.

Production and Economics ▸

Optimization Tools Maximize Efficiency Gains

Through direct measurement diagnostics of fracture growth, we ensure each shale well consumes fewer resources and has lower emissions while boasting higher productivity.

Leading In Low-Emissions

Liberty drives an ESG-conscious approach to hydraulic fracturing. Every new Liberty fleet built since 2013 has been low-emission. In partnership with our customers, Liberty develops holistic solutions for the most challenging urban interfaces where environmental, social, and governance concerns are paramount.

The Evolution of Liberty Fleets

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