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Digital Advancements for More Efficient Operations

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Proactive Maintenance ▸

Revolutionizing Equipment Maintenance with AI-Driven Insights

At the core of our innovative approach, FracPulse leverages advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to transform equipment maintenance. Our system excels in real-time monitoring, analyzing high-frequency data from diverse sources, including sensors, operational logs, and historical records. This comprehensive data analysis enables FracPulse to detect subtle patterns and anomalies that are beyond human detection. By continuously learning and adapting, our AI models become increasingly precise, providing reliable predictions and actionable insights. 

FracPulse is not just about monitoring; it’s about foreseeing. Our predictive maintenance capabilities allow us to anticipate equipment issues before they escalate, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This proactive approach is empowered by our sophisticated AI models that analyze high-resolution data to quantify wear and tear in its early stages. Liberty is actively implementing these advanced features across our fleet, using FracPulse as a platform to streamline information and quickly adopt new technology.

Real-time Emissions Reporting

Liberty’s FracPulse™ technology utilizes cloud-based infrastructure to monitor over 500 million data points each day from our equipment, allowing us to provide accurate emissions and fuel reporting. This data is used to ensure that we are producing the lowest possible emissions at the highest operational efficiency for each individual job.

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Enhanced Control Capabilities ▸

Maximizing Equipment Longevity and Optimizing Performance

At Liberty, we prioritize enhancing the operation and monitoring of our fleet. Our StimCommander™ pump control software provides enhanced control capabilities for the pumps to maximize component longevity and optimize performance in areas including gas substitution and emissions.

Combining FracCatX & Stimcommander

The FracCATX system offers a significantly enhanced level of integration between job planning and execution, paired with seamless integration of real-time equipment performance data.

The StimCommander automated pump control system is paired with the FracCATX platform to provide the next level of equipment automation on location. Allowing for fully automated pump control, together with a range of operational optimization capabilities, the combined system will deliver higher daily efficiencies, optimized fuel usage and emission footprint, an improved safety environment and reduced repair and maintenance costs.

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