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Flexible Solutions with Centralized Logistics


Liberty Sand Solutions Powered by PropX Technology

In 2021, Liberty acquired PropX, a leading provider of environmentally focused, cost-effective, last-mile containerized proppant delivery solutions. PropX pioneered the use of patented smaller boxes allowing for the optimization of sand delivery volumes per trip. The patented PropBeast conveyor belt was the first in the industry to provide a closed system from the container into the belt, reducing the exposure to silica dust generated by sand transfer. PropX pioneered the first wet frac sand delivery technology and continues to innovate leading-edge delivery methods.

Proppant Selection: Wet Sand ▸

About Wet Sand

At Liberty, we constantly seek opportunities to drive increased safety and efficiency in order to lower the cost and impact of producing a barrel of oil. The utilization of damp sand (2-10% water by weight) in our overall proppant sourcing strategy offers access to an expanded proppant resource base with lower production costs and reduced emissions footprint through shorter trucking trips and the elimination of the drying process.

Wet Sand Reduces Emissions

A single hydraulic fracturing crew can pump around 1 billion pounds of sand in a year.

Eliminating even a very efficient natural gas fired dryer amounts to an emissions savings of ~6,500 tons of CO2 per year per frac crew – the equivalent of removing over 1,000 automobiles from the road annually.

Wet sand sourced close to the wellsite at mobile “proximity” mines dramatically reduces trucking miles by an average of 2.8 million miles per frac crew.

This is the annual equivalent mileage savings per fleet of 114 trips around the globe, amounting to a 90.5% total emissions reduction compared to standard regional dry sand delivery.

Proximity Mines

A relatively new and fast-growing innovation in regional frac sand mining is proximity mines, sometimes referred to as mobile or hyper-local mines. These mines are modular and easier to mobilize making them suitable for shorter-term sand mining projects.

Proximity mining involves excavating, washing, sizing, storing, and loading wet frac sand and is contingent on locating suitable sand deposits near the frac operations. These operations rarely, if ever, have drying facilities due to the capex needed for dryers roughly doubling the equipment costs plus longer lead times needed in obtaining air quality permits and pipeline infrastructure for natural gas and water supplies. This makes proximity mining an ideal complement to PropX’s wet sand equipment.

This powerful combination of last-mile wet sand handling equipment and proximity mining closer to the wellsite, dramatically reduces emissions and truck traffic along with providing cost savings on sand and trucking.

Freedom Proppant ▸

Liberty-owned Mines

We deliver the highest quality proppants to our customers from our state-of-the-art mines located in the heart of the Permian Basin. Premium quality sand, rapid load times, ideal locations, and custom logistics solutions give our customers the freedom to frac in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Containerized Sand

Liberty converted our sand and proppant transportation service into containerized moving, storage, and delivery in 2014. Our containerized system optimizes haul volumes, enhances wellsite tracking, and reduces emissions related to proppant delivery. Notably, the move has also increased our fleet uptime and efficiency because containerized sand provides an extremely fast, reliable, and predictable delivery method. The move away from pneumatic blowers has resulted in decreased truck idle time as well as a significant reduction in noise and dust generated at the wellsite.

Containerized sand has created a safer work environment for our employees and reduced truck traffic, allowing us to become better neighbors within our communities. Today, the electric belt delivery systems are integrated with Liberty’s blenders providing pinpoint measurement to match job designs.

Sand Supply Chain ▸

Streamlining Logistics with Sentinel

Sentinel leverages real-time inventory and operations data from each frac location to empower the central dispatch team to reallocate trucks, adjust pick-up locations, or add drivers based on current frac operations.

Sentinel allows us to:

  • Maintain optimal inventory levels on all Liberty fleets.
  • Optimize load efficiency for our truckers resulting in fewer drivers and trucks on the road at any given time.
  • Reduce idle time and optimize routes, minimizing emissions associated with each delivered load.

Measured Logistic Improvements

90% Decrease in Proppant Delivery Downtime

35% Decrease in Drivers Needed for a Job, Lowering the Footprint of Drivers on the Road

Individual Drivers Delivered 20% More Loads Per Day

33% Decrease in Total Time Required to Deliver a Load of Proppant

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