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Electrifying The Frac Site

A Thoughtful Approach to Power Supply ▸

Lowest Emission, Highest Fuel Efficiency

Liberty’s digiPower mobile generator sets a new standard in emissions reduction and energy efficiency. Unlike conventional equipment that relies on diesel motors, digiPower offers a more environmentally friendly alternative by utilizing compressed natural gas (CNG) to generate electrical power.

This innovative system harnesses the power of Rolls Royce’s 20V4000 natural gas generator set, boasting an impressive thermal efficiency of 43%, even in challenging conditions. The result is the market’s cleanest and most fuel-efficient engine supporting our next-gen electric and hybrid completions technologies.

What Defines digiPower


Ensuring the right amount of power is available to meet the needs of a particular job, from as little as 10MW to as much as 40MW for a simulfrac operation.

Grid Compatibility

The modular platform allows the system to accommodate any grid input, from a few megawatts to enough power to run the whole location, managed through our common bus distribution trailer.

Durability & Reliability

digiPower is built to withstand the rigors of a wide variety of operating conditions and regular moves between pads. The system includes redundancies, allowing for maximum pumping efficiency backed by a robust supply chain with readily available parts and technical support in-basin.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas fueled, digiPower uses the cleanest and most cost-effective fuel source available to us resulting in the lowest emissions footprint per MWhr. 

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