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Next-Generation Technology for the Development of Energy Resources

Next-Generation Technology for the Development of Energy Resources

Integrated Completions Portfolio ▸

Frac ▸

Liberty is a major energy industry service provider across North America. Our technology leadership, low employee turnover, and culture of excellence deliver industry-leading efficiency and safety. Liberty’s technology leadership is unmatched in the industry, with equipment from Quiet Fleets that you cannot hear 500 ft away to the newest technology digiFleets, that lower emissions by almost 50% (as compared to conventional Tier IV diesel pumps) and provide unparalleled fuel economy. Liberty has an unrelenting focus to help reduce our customer’s cost to produce energy.

Wireline ▸

Liberty’s wireline pumpdown perforating (PDP) services deliver industry-leading efficiency in North America with experienced teams and the right technology for your unconventional wells. As the major on-location dance partner for frac, efficient wireline practices have a direct impact on daily throughput and associated service cost reductions for our customers.

Liberty Power Innovations ▸

Liberty Power Innovations offers integrated alternative fuel and distributed power solutions for remote applications. LPI is a key player that enables the industry fuel transition from diesel to natural gas by providing compressed natural gas (CNG) supply, field gas processing and treating, and well-site fueling and logistics. LPI can provide the most efficient mobile electricity generation for a wide variety of applications with its 2.5MW digiPower gensets that can be deployed across North America where reliable distributed power generation is needed.

PropX ▸

PropX offers patented containerized solutions and software for last-mile proppant storage and delivery to hydraulic fracturing operations. We focus on building a partnership utilizing technology that saves our customers money and increases throughput efficiency while dramatically decreasing noise and silica exposure for wellsite personnel. PropX pioneered and continues to innovate technology for damp sand handling, facilitating the use of modular proximity mines which reduces cost, simplifies and reduces trucking needs and emissions while eliminating silica dust exposure.

Freedom Proppant ▸

We deliver the highest quality proppants to our customers from our state-of-the-art mines located in the heart of the Permian Basin. Premium quality sand, rapid load times, ideal locations, and custom logistics solutions give our customers the freedom to frac in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Liberty Advanced Equipment Technology ▸

Liberty’s manufacturing division, LAET, designs and builds the latest in next-generation equipment for hydraulic fracturing, wireline, and sand logistics. The revolutionary digiFrac electric fleets and the hybrid natural gas digiPrime fleets are the latest in a long line of equipment innovations that have changed the way that the industry works.


Bettering Human Lives

Liberty’s ESG Report, Bettering Human Lives highlights the central role that energy plays in human lives. The report seeks to inform readers and drive thoughtful dialogue surrounding the tradeoffs at the nexus of energy, climate, poverty, and prosperity.

Investors ▸

Liberty possesses the technology, human capital, and scale required for expansion and the capability to continue to deliver industry-leading returns over the next ten years, much like it has over the past decade.


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