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Chris Wright, Chairman and CEO at Liberty Energy, Episode 175 The WOW Factor Podcast

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Our guest on this episode of the Wow Factor podcast is Chris Wright, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Liberty Energy. Chris has an impressive background in the energy industry, having worked in oil and gas, fusion, solar, and geothermal energy. He founded Pinnacle Technologies at the young age of 27 and has served as Chairman of Stroud Energy, in addition to sitting on the board of several nonprofits. Chris is also an outdoor enthusiast and a devoted family man.

During our conversation, Chris shares his experiences as an entrepreneur, including the moment he realized he wasn’t cut out to work for other people. He offers his thoughts on climate change, the importance to society as a whole of oil and gas, and why he made his #ThankYouNorthFace YouTube video. Chris also shares more about his work with ACE Scholarships, which awards financial scholarships to low-income families so promising students can attend the school of their choice.

“Just because people say you can’t do it, doesn’t mean you can’t.” – Chris Wright

“Humans are all different. They need to be doing different things; they value different things, they fear different things, they’re inspired by different things.” – Chris Wright

This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • What Chris discovered about his passion for big science in his first semester at MIT

  • The moment that Chris realized that he wasn’t cut out to work for other people

  • Some of the essential lessons that Chris learned in his first job after college

  • Why he started Pinnacle Technologies at the young age of 27

  • The process of hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ and why Chris is such a staunch supporter of the practice

  • Some of the paradoxes inherent in the discussions around climate change

  • Why Chris made a YouTube video calling out North Face’s hypocrisy and how it led to the #ThankYouNorthFace campaign to force a discussion of the multiple uses of oil and gas in products

  • The bottom line on climate change, according to Chris

  • Why the ACE Scholarships program was created

  • Why the current policy of trying to restrict the development of oil and gas is raising prices and damaging communities worldwide

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