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2023 Liberty Energy Annual Report

Leading Technology Advancements in Completions Liberty Energy has a tremendous 2023, raising the bar again and smashing the records we set in 2022 for all major financial and safety metrics.   Download a PDF copy of Liberty's 2023 Annual Report…

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Bettering Human Lives 2024

Liberty Energy has updated and expanded our Bettering Human Lives report. Issued in January 2024, the third edition of this report contains an in-depth look at the importance of oil and gas production in a global context, including its vital…

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Bettering Human Lives: 2020 ESG Report

Liberty is excited to release our inaugural environmental, social and governance (ESG) report. The 2020 ESG report goes far beyond the narrow focus on the company to look at the bigger picture of the world in which we live and…

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2020 Annual Report

Liberty is excited to share our 2020 Annual Report. In 2020 Liberty faced serious challenges, as did our industry, country, and the world. Liberty responded rapidly and decisively to the COVID-19 pandemic and to the subsequent plunge in business activity…

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