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Chris Wright featured in June Issue of Oil & Gas Investor

Liberty CEO, Chris Wright shares his take on the current market conditions and his optimism for the future – in large part driven by his pride in the strength of the Liberty team.

Liberty’s success has derived from the company being “the preferred provider for our customers,” Wright said. “In the past two years, we have been growing our market share with the largest E&Ps,” he continued. “The pie is shrinking now, but we’re growing our piece of that pie because I think we do a better job than our competitors.” Liberty also has been selective of its customers. “I think they will be consolidators. They are going to do much better than the average E&Ps in this downturn,” he said. Wright also points to the Liberty team as a source of strength. “They’re strong, resonant folks. They love their jobs and that’s everything,” he added.

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