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Colorado Business Roundtable – Road to Recovery Series: Colorado’s Energy Industry

Across Colorado’s business community, the COVID-19 pandemic wrought extraordinary challenges. The energy industry, in particular, faced its most difficult year in history. However, Colorado remains pivotal to the American energy landscape, and the state’s economic rebuild is certain to be anchored in large part by its abundant natural resources. Join a cross section of industry leaders and energy innovators for an in-depth discussion on the Colorado energy sector and its pivotal role in driving the state’s economic recovery.




REMARKS: Chris Schmidt, Managing Partner, Deloitte; Board of Directors, Colorado Business Roundtable

REMARKS: Debbie Brown, President, Colorado Business Roundtable

REMARKS: Lynn Granger, Executive Director, American Petroleum Institute Colorado



MODERATOR: Mike Sommers, CEO, American Petroleum Institute

Hodge Walker, Vice President, Chevron Rockies Business Unit

Alice Jackson, President, Xcel Energy – Colorado

Ron Gusek, President, Liberty Oilfield Services

Danny Splettstosser, VP Origination and Investor Relations, Renewable Energy System

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