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“Interest In A Sober Energy Dialogue Is Drastically Higher Today” Featuring Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Energy

For today’s COBT, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Liberty Energy CEO Chris Wright. Chris is a fascinating energy mind – his background includes MIT and UC Berkeley mechanical and electrical engineering degrees as well as a broad-based life-long passion for all forms of energy. He was an early shale pioneer and today is Chairman and CEO of Liberty. Chris also dedicates a significant amount of his time talking to policymakers globally about what he feels are the choices society should be making in energy. For the second year, Chris has helped drive the Liberty ESG report to be not just a report on Liberty but more broadly an analysis of energy ESG globally. It’s absolutely worth your time and very digestible.

As you will hear, Chris lays out the three global challenges that he sees for energy and environmental policies including solving energy poverty globally (replacing wood and dung with clean cooking fuels could save 2 to 3 million people from death annually), pushing towards reliable and affordable energy systems with minimal environmental impact, and addressing climate change thoughtfully. As we discuss these objectives, you will hear us touch on a broad range of issues and factors. When discussing what the world of energy looks like in ten years, Chris had a really great and unique answer (and goal): “net zero poverty by 2050.” It was a stimulating and exciting session with Chris today and we can’t thank him enough for joining us.

In our upfront discussion, Mike Bradley summed up bond, commodity and equity performance from the past week and the loud reactions to the recent OPEC+ meeting. Colin Fenton highlighted an important update from the London Metals Exchange concerning Russian metal exports and shared his takeaways from Annie Proulx’s new book, ” Fen, Bog and Swamp.” Ryan Zorn, Veriten’s Senior Contributor, also joined and asked for Chris’s “energy discussion forecast” beyond the elections.

Thanks to you all. We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

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